What are legacy payments?

We are changing the way we work! “Legacy payments” refers to the way we have collected payments historically; however we are retiring this system soon in favour of a direct payment option (renters pay you directly for a booking), which is already available for you to use.

If you are using our legacy system, renters pay via the Clickstay payment system, and we hold on to the money until the booking has started and the renter has stayed at least 3 nights at the property. The money is then released to you, minus our fees. We charge 10% commission and 4.5% renter service fee (capped at £75).

We strongly encourage you to use our direct payment option! The benefits are huge: not only will you keep much more of the value of the booking (ie the total amount that the renter pays) but the renters themselves pay no fees, so it’s also cheaper for them. Additionally, you get the money directly when the renter pays, not after the booking has commenced.

With our direct payment option you only pay a 3% payment fee plus the small amount Stripe (the payment processor) charges. Read about our direct payment option here.