What are direct payments?

We are changing the way we work! We are:

  • Changing fees to 3% for Clickstay and Rentalsystems bookings
  • Enabling renters to pay you directly, giving you immediate access to payments
  • Removing our Renter Service Fee (4.5% paid by renters)
  • No longer preventing direct communication between you and your renters


We believe in a different future for online holiday rentals, where the owner is firmly in control. The past year has illustrated how important flexibility is within the travel industry, and this can only happen if owners and renters can communicate freely and make arrangements directly without a platform getting in the way.

We want to build a product that is genuinely useful for holiday-home owners, at a price that is fair – that allows us to cover our costs of providing the service and developing more and better tools. We want this to be something that owners enjoy using, find really helpful, willingly give us feedback about and importantly, feel part of so that they are in control of their bookings and their relationships with renters.

We’d love your feedback and comments, so please join the Rentalsystems Facebook group to add to the conversation.