How do I get paid for a booking?

Under our legacy payment system, renters pay Clickstay directly through our online system. Payments can be made up of two transactions; deposit and balance (which includes breakage cover if applicable).

When setting up your property you will need to decide on the amount of time prior to the check-in date that the renter has to pay the deposit and balance. If the property is on instant booking, the deposit is due straight away.

If the property is on request, the deposit is due after you have confirmed the booking, and the renter will have to pay this within the time you have specified.

The balance due date is set by you and is a certain amount of days before the check-in date. If the renter books your property after the balance due date, then the renter must pay the full amount (deposit and balance) in one transaction.

We take our commission and the renter service fee from the deposit.