About us

Rentalsystems is a platform that allows you to manage bookings and accept payments for your holiday rentals. List on Clickstay and use the Rentalsystems tools to accept and manage direct bookings cost effectively. You keep control: these are your renters, your bookings and your money.

Our story

Rentalsystems and Clickstay are two sides of the same coin: Rentalsystems lets owners manage their properties and Clickstay lets renters book them. We started in 2003 and led the way with secure online payments. We're a small business, based in the United Kingdom, and we're trying to challenge the dominance of the big platforms. We're a trusted platform with thousands of owners and hundreds of thousands of happy holiday makers

Challenging the status quo

We believe the existing model from Airbnb, and Vrbo is broken: they control communication, squeeze owners and charge over the top guest service fees which can increase the cost by as much as 25%. They want to keep control: you're not allowed to contact renters outside of their systems and you must process bookings through them.
We're different: we want to give you the tools so you're in control. This includes:
  • No message filtering: you can exchange contact details and website links with your renters if you prefer to communicate outside our system. We won't screen your messages.
  • Transparency: we want you to link to your listings on Airbnb, and Vrbo. It helps renters and ultimately you.
  • Direct payment: renter payments go directly to your Stripe account. You have full access and control (subject to Stripe's terms and conditions).

Working together

We want to work with our owners to create an alternative to the big platforms. We don't have their reach or budgets but, with your help, we can give you a platform to manage your own rentals.
The Rentalsystems team
The team on a rare sunny day in London

Ready to start listing?

Make more money from your holiday lettings. Our fees are up to 20% less than Airbnb, and Vrbo.
We're confident that you and your renters will prefer to book through Clickstay.
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