Photos & videos

How do I add photos?

Select the ‘Photos’ section under the ‘Edit advert’ list on the left-hand side of property set-up page. Then click on the Add photos button.

We recommend that you upload at least 15 photos per property advert, but you can display as many as you like. We also strongly recommend that each photo you use is high-resolution and professional quality.

The photos must be a maximum file size 10MB, minimum width 900 pixels, minimum height 600 pixels. Files accepted: JPG, PNG or GIF file.

If your photos are not appropriate or of a poor quality, we may decline your property advert and ask you to upload suitable photos.

How do I add videos?

To add videos you need to upload your video to your Youtube channel, then just copy and paste the URL into the field and click the Add button. We recommend adding a video of your property, renters love to have a virtual tour before they book!