Location details

Choosing a country

Under ‘Property Location’ you must choose the country where your property is located from the drop-down list.

If you cannot see your country, then you can click on the ‘request new location’ link, and we will check and approve this new location.

Placing a pin on Google Maps

Once you have entered the address of your property, click on the Save button. This will take you to a map of your property address, where you need to place the red pin and save the changes.

Place the pin as close to the property as possible to ensure that renters find a property in their ideal destination.

Distances to Locations

In the ‘Location details’ section, under Distances to Locations you need to enter the distances from the property to amenities and various attractions in the region. Fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory. If a distance is less than 1km e.g. 500m enter it as 0.5km.

For example, if your property is close to the beach, this will be one of its selling points and this should be advertised. Please be as accurate as possible, to avoid misleading your renters.