Automatic discounts can be set up based on the booking and arrival date (early and late) or length of stay. If more than one discount applies to a booking, we will apply the one that gives the largest discount. Please note that all discounts set will apply from the arrival date for the whole booking.

To set a discount for a property, under the ‘Discounts’ section on the left-hand side, click Add next to the discount type you would like and a pop-out will show. In the pop out choose the arrival date range, and:

  • Early booking discount: enter the number of days/weeks/months before arrival;
  • Late booking discount: enter the number of days/weeks/months within arrival;
  • Long stay booking discount: enter the minimum length of the booking in days/weeks/months.

You must choose whether you would like the discount to be an amount or a percentage off the booking, then enter the figure to be applied and click Save changes.