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We use Stripe to provide you with an easy and cost effective way to process renter payments.
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What is Stripe?

Stripe is one of the world's leading payment processors, processing over $817 billion in 2022. Our integration means you can sign up from your Rentalsystems page and accept renter card payments straight away.
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Stripe benefits

Stripe gives you freedom and control. Its benefits include:
  • Own merchant account: set up your own merchant account so you can process and collect payments in your own right.
  • Immediate payment: renter payments go to your merchant account straight away.
  • Retain control over refunds, withdrawals and transfers to your own bank accounts.
  • Seamless integration with the booking process: deposit and balance payment requests, renter contracts, invoices, managing refundable breakage deposits and more.
We provide the most straightforward way for you to accept and manage online payments. We charge 3% and Stripe charges approximately 2% to owners in the UK and EU. Stripe's fees depend upon your location, the renter's location and the type of card used for payment: see Stripe's pricing page for more information.

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