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Generate more bookings from your online presence. Link to your Airbnb, and Vrbo listings from your property profile on Clickstay. Embed YouTube videos to give renters a detailed tour of your holiday rental.
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Link to your listings on other sites

Renters like to compare the same listings on other sites so we make it easy for you to add the link to your listing on Airbnb, and Vrbo. Renters can read more reviews and compare prices; the price should be lowest on Clickstay because our fees are so much lower!
Clickstay listing featuring links to the same listing on other sites
Villa Abbie: example links to Airbnb, and Vrbo

Embed your YouTube video

Use YouTube to showcase you and your holiday rental. Adding a video allows renters to get a real feel for your property before booking.
Clickstay listing featuring an embedded Youtube video
Unit 1 Amarilla Golf Villas: example of YouTube video tour

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