How do I submit a breakage claim?

A breakage claim can be submitted if the renter has paid a breakage cover. If any damages have been made to your property during the renter’s stay, you must submit a breakage claim after the departure date but before the claim expiry date. The claim expiry date is based on what you have set in ‘Booking Settings’ > ‘Breakage cover’ > ‘Time needed to check for breakages after departure date’.

To submit a breakage claim select the booking from the 'Bookings' tab and click Submit breakage claim and in the field next to ‘Breakage claim amount’ enter the amount your claim is for. This cannot be higher than the breakage cover amount. Include full details regarding the claim you are submitting, and ensure that you upload supporting documents; receipts, photographs and evidence of breakages in your property. Click Submit breakage claim and your claim will be sent to us to check. The renter has 7 days to dispute the claim from the date it is submitted. If the renter disputes the claim after we have approved it, you will need to manage this with them directly.