Sharing your property page

Sharing your Rentalsystems property page online is a great way to generate direct bookings online, maintaining complete control over cancellations, refunds etc.

So, where can you share your property page?


Everyone has WhatsApp nowadays. By sharing your link on your friends and family WhatsApp groups, they can input dates and make a booking within minutes.


Add your property page link in the description section of your property's Facebook page.

You can also post your Rentalsystems page on your personal Facebook page and invite friends to share it.


Make sure to include your Rentalsystems property link in your bio, as well as in your post captions.


Add your Rentalsystems link to the signature of your email. This one-off exercise ensures that way everyone getting an email from you will see the link.

Repeat guests

When renters have booked through another platform, make sure you send them the link to your Rentalsystems page so they can book direct the next time.