Seasonal prices

What are seasonal prices?

Seasonal pricing takes into account specific periods where you want to charge more for a stay in your property - for example over Christmas, or peak summer weeks.

If you don't add any seasonal prices for certain dates, the base price will apply, if you have added one. Where seasonal prices are added, these will override the base price. If you don't have either a base price or seasonal prices for any dates, those dates will not be bookable.

How do I set a seasonal price?

To set a seasonal price select the "Add a seasonal price" button and a pop out will show. You now need to select the dates for this price to apply and the amount. You can also set the minimum stay, changeover days and if you only accept bookings that are multiples of 7 nights only e.g. a booking must be 7, 14, 21 days long etc. You can give the seasonal price a name but this is optional.

If the property is set to nightly prices, you can also set an additional weekend rate per night that will be added to the nightly price.

How do I edit a season price?

To edit a seasonal price select the "Edit" link and a pop out will show. It is the same pop out you used to set a seasonal price. Simply change the things you would like and select the "Save" button.

How do I delete a seasonal price?

To delete a seasonal price select the "Edit" link and a pop out will show. At the bottom of the pop out you need to select the "Delete" button.

How do I see seasonal prices for the last 12 months?

To view seasonal prices used over the last 12 months, select the link "Show previous prices" and a table will appear.

How do I automatically roll my prices over?

If you would like your property to have the same prices for 24 months, select the tick box next to "Automatically roll over my prices". To use this feature you must have at least 12 months of property prices set. The previous 12 months of prices and dates will automatically be set for the next 24 months. Please note, we will not over-ride any prices and dates you may have already set for the next year, we will only over-ride those prices and dates that have not yet been set.