Lowest price pledge

The lowest price pledge is a commitment you can make to ensure that guests receive the most competitive pricing when booking through Clickstay.

Joining the lowest price pledge encourages guests to book directly with you on Clickstay. Because we charge you a low payment fee and do not take a booking or service fee from the guest, the total booking price can be lower on Clickstay and you will still earn more of it.

Include links to your listing on Airbnb, and Vrbo so guests can easily compare prices before booking. If the property is less on Clickstay, the guest will be more likely to go with the lower amount and you will make more money. Find out about adding links to other platforms.

If the price isn't the cheapest on Clickstay, the guest will be able to contact you directly and ask for a lower price, whilst still allowing you to make more money for the booking.

Why can I make more money from a Clickstay booking?

Our total fees are up to 20% less than Airbnb,, Vrbo and other sites. You will take more of the total booking price if a guest books through Clickstay. Find out more about our fees

By agreeing to the lowest price pledge, you're telling guests that they can book your properties for the same cost or less on Clickstay than on other sites.

How do I sign up to the lowest price pledge?

Go to the lowest price pledge page, read through the questions and accept the conditions, then you can simply select "Join lowest price pledge".