How can I get my property to the top of the search results?

Once you have completed a property advert and it has gone live, you can decide to pay for a spot at the top of the Search Results. This will cost £48.00 (including Vat) for 1 month, £90.00 (including Vat) for 3 months, and £216.00 (including Vat) for 12 months. These prices can also be paid in € (Euros) and $ (US Dollars). On average, we have found that properties appearing at the top of the Search Results page receive twice as many booking requests.

To buy a property promotion, go to your Rentalsystems dashboard and select "Properties" on the menu bar. From here, under the property that you want to promote, you can select the button "Promote property". You will then see the option to choose either 1 month, 3 months or a year's property promotion, the currency you want to pay in, and the associated cost. You can then proceed to payment.