How do I set up an extra for my property?

These are charges that are paid in addition to the accommodation cost. To add an extra charge for something click Add extras, and a pop-out will appear. Now you need to enter a description of your extra charges. Choose either ‘Compulsory’ (it will apply to all bookings) or ‘Optional’ (renters will have the option to add the extra to their booking), and when and how the extra should be paid. Next, choose if the extra applies all year round or for specific dates.

Extras can be based on booking length or occupancy (for example, you might want to charge an extra fee per night for bookings of more than 14 nights, or you might want to charge an extra fee per person if the number of guests is larger than what you usually accept). If you have an extra based on booking length or occupancy, select ‘Yes’. You will then need to specify the details of the booking length or occupancy when it applies.

Enter the price and choose if it is calculated per booking, per week or per day, and click Save changes.