How do I contact the renter?

A renter can send you an enquiry with dates and/or party details, including a message. To reply to this, click the orange Reply button on the ‘Inbox’ page to open up a conversation thread. If the renter has included dates in their enquiry, this will be displayed at the top of the page for your reference. We will also highlight if the property is available, based on your calendar.

If the property is available and you would like to make the renter aware of this, ensure that the Dates are available button is selected, include a message, and click Reply. If the property is not available for these dates, ensure that the No availability button is selected, and include a message. If you would like these dates to be marked as unavailable on your property’s calendar, tick the box underneath your message to indicate this, then click Reply.

If you have chosen direct payments, you are free to contact the renter outside of our system.