How do I confirm and move a booking?

To move and confirm a booking to a different property than was originally booked, select the booking that you want to amend and accept, then click the Move and Accept button at the bottom of the Booking details section. Filter the results by property type, pool type, location and select the property you would like to confirm and move the booking to. You will have the option to:

  • Keep prices, discount, extras and payment schedule as per the original booking;
  • Update prices, discounts, extras and payment schedule based on the property set up.

You must confirm that you have read and understood the booking source and our charges for the booking. Enter a message to the renter and click Move and Accept. A pop-out will show asking you to confirm, click Yes and the renter will be notified. They will need to pay the deposit (or make full payment) based on the property set up to secure the booking.