Basic property information

What property information should I include?

The basic Property Details consist of Property Information, Room Details, Indoor Facilities, Outdoor Facilities and Suitability. All subsections marked with a red asterisk need to be filled out. Under the ‘Property information’ section, you must enter the name of your property, a short and accurate summary of the property for the Search Results page, the property type, the maximum number of guests accepted, and a Property and local area description containing at least 200 words. This description should include all relevant property details, as well as suggestions for activities, restaurants, amenities, and transport in the area.

How do I add bedrooms?

Under the ‘Room details’ section, you must specify how many bedrooms your property has, and the number of beds listed must add up to the maximum number of guests accepted. Once you have selected the number of bedrooms from the drop-down list, you will be able to select the number of beds within these bedrooms using a series of further drop-down lists. There will be a tick box to select if the bedroom is an En Suite. You must also specify the number of double sofa beds, single sofa beds, and cots at the property.