Adding the search box to your Wix website

Our search box can be added to your Wix website with the use of search box code provided on your Rentalsystems account.

To generate a code go to Owner tools on your dashboard, find Search box on the left-hand side, and click on Generate search code toggle.

To use this code on your Wix website, you need to access Dev mode from your Wix site editor, and enable Velo (free development feature offered by Wix). The feature will allow you to add third-party tools to your website.


Go to Manage and Edit Site on Wix, and find Tracking & Analytics.

If you choose the Custom option, you will be able to paste the code from Rentalsystems into the box titled ‘Paste the code snippet here’. In the section ‘Add Code to Pages’ select ‘Load code on each new page’ from the dropdown within the ‘All pages’ part. Further choosing Head or Body – start will generally ensure that the JavaScript triggers consistently.

Further resources:

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